Create a meaningful and positive impact to 100 million lives across the globe in next 3 years.

Our Manifesto

Our manifesto is our map / guide to take this company forward the way we imagine. It is essential for us and each and every employee to know what the core value of the company are and what we stand for.

  • Impact
    Create positive and sustainable impact to each and everyone involved – people, customers, clients and even the environment. 
  • Customer Centricity
    Always Customer First. No matter what, we are here to listen to your feedback good or bad. Reach out to us and expect a delightful response.
  • Creativity
    Freedom  to Think Big! 
  • Idealism
    We encourage our employees to work for a social cause few days a month (2 to 3) and share their learnings. 
  • Family
    We are a global family. Stay together build together and grow together 
  • Empowerment / Enablement
    We enable and empower communities to self sustain. We partner with local self help groups and communities for our production processes which help us scale and also create a source if living for the people in the neighbourhood.

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