Moong Chips


Benefits of having Moong

Moong is cultivated in Southeast Asia in the Indian Subcontinent. 

Moong is low in cholesterol, low trans-fat, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly 100% vegetarian, plant protein-packed with healthy fats, high nutrition, natural vitamins, and minerals. Moong Dal helps reduce blood sugar levels, controls cholesterol, prevents heat stroke, lowers blood pressure, improves skin health, improves digestion, and promotes high metabolism. 

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About the product:

A bag of Moong Chips strikes the right chord with its crunchy-crispy taste and a savory-spicy taste. Pop open a bag of this appetizing delicacy while commuting to the office, traveling on a train, or watching a web show at night, these Moong Chips are your next go-to snack. 

Benefits of Baked/Roasted v/s Fried:

  • Deep-fried snacks and chips are high in sodium and preservative which leads to excessive bloating. Moong Chips, on the other hand, are baked which are low in sodium and preservatives. 
  • Fried snacks are deep-fried in high amounts of unhealthy oils which increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. Air-fried or baked goodies are the way to go because they are lightly oiled with 70% less oil used per serving.
  • Due to the artificial ingredients and deep-frying, most of the nutritional value is lost in fried snacks. Studies show that air-fried or baked snacks have about 90% of nutrients intact.

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