Bhajni Chakli


Bhajani means “To Roast” in Marathi. Hence Bhajni flour or Dry Roasted Multi Grain Flour is a flour prepared from multiple grains by roasting and grinding them together before forming a dough. This is a popular, versatile and typical food originating from the Maharashtrian food culture.

It is a flour prepared by roasting and grinding many grains and pulses like rice, urad dal, chana dal and moong dal, jowar, bajra along with some basic spices to add some flavours.

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Benefits of Baked/Roasted v/s Fried:

  • Wheat Chakli is traditionally deep-fried which makes it a high-calorie and high-fat snack. However, our Chakli is roasted with little to no oil so that you can binge them guilt-free. 
  • Deep-fried snacks form a chemical called Acrylamide in foods that are fried at high temperatures and put the consumers at high risk of cancer or heart stroke. However, Baked snacks promote a healthy gut and regulate metabolism with their low-oil properties. 
  • Due to the artificial ingredients and deep-frying, most of the nutritional value is lost in fried snacks. Studies show that air-fried or baked snacks have about 90% of nutrients intact.

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