Masala Chips


 Masala Chips is a mouthwatering and versatile snack,  grab a bag while travelling and enjoy the crunchy and savory taste of this anywhere-anytime snack. Tea time is never complete without a dry snack, what better snack there can be over this lip-smacking healthy option.

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Benefits of Baked/Roasted vs Fried:

  • Fried snacks cause breakouts on the face and skin. However, you don’t have to worry about acne, pimples, or breakouts with these chips because Methi regulates hormones and maintains a healthy gut.
  • Deep-fried snacks available in your next-door grocery store are made up of highly saturated and trans fat which will leave you at high risk of bad LDL Cholesterol, Heart Disease, and Stroke. This baked goodness is the perfect combination of health and taste packed in a bag of surprise.
  • Deep-fried food absorbs more than 25% of the oil while being fried. The oil used while baking as compared to frying is next to zero. Baking is known to be one of the best cooking options for those who are conscious about weight management and healthy living.
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