Makkai Chips


Benefits of Eating Makkai aka Corn:

The main ingredient in Makkai Chips is Corn which is high in fiber content, protein, calcium, and low in calories, fat, etc. Corn chips are healthier than the store-bought bag of potato chips, with high content of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B, and Calcium. 

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About the product:

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting on a couch, eating corn chips while binging on their favorite show? 

The baked fragrance on opening a bag of corn chips, the crunchy texture, and the buttery taste, it sure can melt anyone’s heart. Corn chips, commonly known as Makkai Chips, are baked cornmeal with a flavor of roasted corn.

Benefits of Baked/Roasted v/s Fried:

  • A serving of these deliciously baked makai (corn) chips have less than 20 grams of fats as against 40 grams of fats in a deep-fried bag of potato chips.
  •  Studies show that a bag of fried potato chips has around 500 calories but these airy makai chips have way fewer calories.
  • Overconsumption of fried snacks puts a burden on one’s digestive system resulting in low metabolism, nausea, and bloating. Baked snacks like these Makkai Chips are airy and lightly oiled which keeps your digestive system right on track.
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