Makhana – Salt and Pepper


Fox Nuts or Lotus Seeds, commonly known as Makhana, finds its place in the science of Ayurveda. Makhanas are low in fat and sodium making it beneficial for high blood pressure patients. Due to its low glycemic index, it is a perfect snack option for diabetic patients. It is believed that it has anti-aging enzymes which repair damaged amino acids and benefits the kidney. These are jam-packed with various nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, calcium, etc. 


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About the product:

Do you often crave for something light yet filling, healthy yet drool-worthy, and easy-to-carry while traveling? You’re at the right place! 

Benefits of Baked/Roasted vs Fried:

  • Deep fried snacks form a chemical called Acrylamide in foods that are fried at high temperatures and puts the consumers at high risk of cancer or heart stroke. However, Baked snacks promote a healthy gut and regulate metabolism with its low-oil properties. 
  • Most fried goodies are cooked or fried in hydrogenated oil known as trans fats. These trans fats are responsible for 1 in 5 heart strokes in India. Baked products like Makhanas are cooked in less oil and prevent obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease. 
  • Deep fried snacks are high in sodium and preservative which leads to excessive bloating. Makhanas, on the other hand, are baked which are low in sodium and preservatives, high in calcium making it the perfect snack to grab while binge-watching a show.

100 Grams


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